Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painted Faces!

Well after having written Evan's story a few days ago...I needed a breather. Sitting here typing and remembering all the things we went through took me 4 hours......yes I said 4 hours! And it drained me both physically and emotionally so I needed to regroup. So here I am again but this time I will share a few pictures of the fun my princes had letting there Auntie paint on them.....she has many a talents and this seems to be another one! She started with victim number one.....I mean Prince #2.
The fun begins!
My Sis was glad to get to practice her girl face painting.

I love this pic of her....she is a beauty!
Prince #1

Prince #1 again a shot of Sis in action!

Prince #2 again

Prince #1

My Nephew

Niece again
 Now this was just the first day......I have a few more from this day but Sis was just starting and the first few were well......1st tries...I will leave it at that! Now I will share the picture's from the next day where my prince #3 was a little mad at Auntie after his painting session....and I will tell you why in a minute.
Butterfly Tummy

Spider with flames (got to have flames!)


Another Snake


Rainbow Sun

And Fire.....I mean Flowers!
Ok so here is were I will tell you why he was mad at his was all because of the picture above.
 See he had went up and gotten all painted up...helping Auntie practice her face painting. And she painted all the things you saw in the above pictures. He came back down stairs and I said "oh let me take pictures of your cool new paintings" we go outside and I took all the pictures you see above...and so the last one I took was of the flowers...and I said "hey whats that on your back?" Princes #2 looked at me and said "its fire!" (me) "oh really fire? are you sure" (prince #2) "yes fire" (me) "ummm no it's not fire there flowers" (prince #2) "NO IT NOT IT FIRE!" (me) "sorry buddy but those are flowers...look I took a picture" (showed him the picture) (prince #2)  "what Auntie said was painting fire...not flowers!! I go tell her right now!" And he stomped through the yard back up to Grama's house to give Auntie a piece of his mind! He was mad!! I was laughing.....hard!! A few minutes later my Sis came outside and said "alright who is the one that told him they were flowers!" (me) "I DID" (Sis laughing) "well he just told me he was mad for giving him flowers and not fire....I told him I would take it off and he said "No there my flowers...but next time I want fire!!"" I laughed some more!!
I have to say this for my princes' they have kept everyone laughing in this family good times and bad...and I am still always surprised with the things that come out of there mouths!!


  1. I came here from your sister's blog. That is such a cute and funny story. I especially loved when he wouldn't let you wash off the flowers because they were "his flowers". So cute! Kids are a riot sometimes. Mine's 13 and always has me laughing.